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Merry Meet! Welcome to Stormsong’s new look & cart! We’re glad you’re here & look forward to working with you.

We’ve been supplying like-minded individuals and covens with high-quality wiccan & pagan supplies online since 1997 & coined the phrase Online Pagan Superstore years ago! The 1st of January we moved to this brand new shopping cart & welcome you to take a look around. We’ve moved a few things around and have already received rave reviews on how intuitive it is to shop and compare items. Thanks for the positive feedback!

We offer checkout through Amazon Payments & Google Checkout. Access these options by viewing your cart & clicking the button for the desired payment method. PayPal checkout can be utilized by clicking the Checkout button.

Moving Update

09/08/2011: Jewelry markdowns have been completed. At these prices it’s a great time to start thinking about Yule gifts!

09/03/2011: We’ve had some pretty difficult decisions to make since we moved in May, though some of them have been more realizations rather than decisions.. Our house in Maryland still hasn’t sold, which leaves us working out of a storage unit here in Oregon (hence no candles/bath & body/incense, etc). So, we’re going to be clearancing, for good, our physical inventory of herbs, stones, jewelry, altar & spell supplies, decor, etc. We marked our physical stock down to accomodate the move, these prices are even lower. It all needs to go. We’ve listed our fragrances & herbs as bulk buys. Most of our offerings are currently around wholesale pricing – some are greatly below our wholesale cost. We’ll be listing packaging for bath & body, and supplies/product bases.

Cole continues to create jewelry, and has many of his pieces in a downtown gallery now and has been creating several custom order pieces this summer. R’Chel is keeping busy sewing garments and crafting books to order. We’ve decided these are the items we’ll continue to offer.

All of the categories except for jewelry have been marked down now. Once jewelry is marked down, packaging will be listed. Keep checking back 🙂

Thanks again for shopping with us. Whether you’re an established customer, or brand new to our store, we’re glad you’re here & bid you welcome & fantastic shopping with us!