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Merry Meet! Welcome to Stormsong’s new look & cart! We’re glad you’re here & look forward to working with you.

We’ve been supplying like-minded individuals and covens with high-quality wiccan & pagan supplies online since 1997 & coined the phrase Online Pagan Superstore years ago! The 1st of January we moved to this brand new shopping cart & welcome you to take a look around. We’ve moved a few things around and have already received rave reviews on how intuitive it is to shop and compare items. Thanks for the positive feedback!

We offer checkout through Amazon Payments & Google Checkout. Access these options by viewing your cart & clicking the button for the desired payment method. PayPal checkout can be utilized by clicking the Checkout button.

Moving Update

09/08/2011: Jewelry markdowns have been completed. At these prices it’s a great time to start thinking about Yule gifts!

09/03/2011: We’ve had some pretty difficult decisions to make since we moved in May, though some of them have been more realizations rather than decisions.. Our house in Maryland still hasn’t sold, which leaves us working out of a storage unit here in Oregon (hence no candles/bath & body/incense, etc). So, we’re going to be clearancing, for good, our physical inventory of herbs, stones, jewelry, altar & spell supplies, decor, etc. We marked our physical stock down to accomodate the move, these prices are even lower. It all needs to go. We’ve listed our fragrances & herbs as bulk buys. Most of our offerings are currently around wholesale pricing – some are greatly below our wholesale cost. We’ll be listing packaging for bath & body, and supplies/product bases.

Cole continues to create jewelry, and has many of his pieces in a downtown gallery now and has been creating several custom order pieces this summer. R’Chel is keeping busy sewing garments and crafting books to order. We’ve decided these are the items we’ll continue to offer.

All of the categories except for jewelry have been marked down now. Once jewelry is marked down, packaging will be listed. Keep checking back 🙂

Thanks again for shopping with us. Whether you’re an established customer, or brand new to our store, we’re glad you’re here & bid you welcome & fantastic shopping with us!

Facial Cream Review Websites

Facial Cream Review Websites

Skincare has never been so important in our daily lives. It’s something some of us think about constantly while others don’t even consider it, but in reality we all need to start treating our skin better.

Life has never been so stressful. Work is tougher than ever before and sometimes home life can feel even tougher than work! The balance is hard to maintain and a lot of the time our body suffers because of it.

Stress itself can contribute to bad skin quality and wrinkles as well as other issues for our bodies. Lack of sleep is another big factor that can contribute to bad skin. If you aren’t getting your full rest, then your skin cells don’t have the opportunity to repair themselves before the cycle begins again. Lack of sleep leads to caffeine which, combined with a poor diet, can leave your skin feeling thin and in serious need to perking up.

But let’s be honest, it’s not all about health. Our faces are seen by more people than any other generation. Selfies, snapchat and Instagram mean that our visage is on show for the world to see. We want to look good all the time and having clear, healthy skin is the way to do it.

Realistically, we’re all so busy now and slowing down just isn’t an option. We need a better way to protect and repair our skin because the damage we do now will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Facial Creams

There are a lot of treatments available to help with healthier and better-looking skin. These range from off the shelf creams all the way to invasive surgery. For most of us facial creams are by far enough and they offer the solutions we all crave.

Unfortunately, there are a ridiculous number of facial creams out there so it becomes very difficult which ones to choose.

Facial Cream Review Sites

Instead of slogging your way through all of the products available to find that miracle cure (a task that could take several lifetimes) you’re better off finding a simpler solution. There are now a number of sites out there dedicated to providing reviews of facial creams so you can instantly find out what’s good and what’s not.

Again, you do have to be careful because some sites will give biased and unbalanced reviews of certain products. Finding a facial cream review site you can trust will save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money in the long run as they show you all the best value products.

True Cosmetic Beauty has been designed to help everyone with skin problems. It’s full of honest product reviews, helpful tips and even some exclusive discounts. It’s pretty much the only place you’ll need to go before ordering any facial cream online.

Choose the Best Mic for Streaming in 2018

Choose the Best Mic for Streaming in 2018

You have plenty of things to consider when buying the best mic for streaming. You need to consider comfort, sound quality, adaptability, price and brand. More than these factors, you also need to consider the type of work you do, such as if the mic is for recording, gaming, streaming, etc. Microphones have their own purposes too.

Best Mic for Streaming – What to Look for?

With so many options to choose from, it is sometimes hard and confusing to decide which one to pick. On that note, here is vital information that can help you choose the best mic for streaming, as well as the features to consider.

  • Budget

You want a streaming microphone that suits your budget. If you are looking for the best quality mic, you might need to invest a little bit. However, you can also find some decent streaming mics for less than a hundred bucks if you take the time to look online.

  • Connectivity

You also have to check its connectivity first. You need to see whether connecting your mic is easy or complicated. Surely, you want one that lets you connect without so much of a hassle.

  • Accessories

Depending on the mic, you can take advantage of a wide array of accessories, which although may not be necessary, but would be great to have. Some of these extra features help you use the mic more comfortably, whether you plan on using it for streaming or gaming.

Best Mic for Streaming 2018

Condenser MicrophonesYou need a good mic for great streaming. If your mic is not quality, your viewers may not be able to clearly hear your words. You might suffer from low quality audio problems, input lag and so many other issues that would not be great for your streaming goals. In that case, here are the top mics for streaming for you.

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is a household in gamers, and many YouTube personalities recommend it. This is not just great for games, but for streaming too. Simple and easy to setup, it has clear audio output, picks up voices extremely well and looks good on your desk, even though it can be a bit pricey.

  • Rode NT USB Condenser Mic

The Rode NT mic is included on the top mic for streaming and has received plenty of praise from media professionals, YouTube celebrities, pro voice actors and more. They love this particular model, which comes with tripod stand, ring mount and pop filter. Such accessories make streaming easy for users.

  • Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Mic

For an ultimate streaming experience, you also need a top-notch streaming mic. One of the mics you can consider is Blue Raspberry Premium mic. The mic features superb sound quality that makes it perfect for streaming, gamin, commentating and more. It also takes only few minutes to setup.

If you are looking for the best mic for streaming 2018, consider the factors mentioned above and compare with these top mic choices. See for yourself how well these streaming mics can help elevate your audience’s streaming experience.

Start Him out in Comfort

Since many folks love to be chic when selecting looks for their babies, a growing number are beginning to recognize that the fashionable clothing can also become uncomfortable for the young ones. As lovely as it might be to gussy up their babies in headbands, belts and girly gear, it is rarely sensible, and it generally makes the dressing process take much longer than it should. This may irritate the newborn and cause it to be tough for them to move around as they would like to. Belts can be limiting, and even if they are cute while on an oversized top for your baby, they might never end up being the best choice.

Baby boy clothingSelecting newborn baby boy clothes versus a multi-piece ensemble could feel like a cop-out or like the mom or dad is just giving up, but it may feel a great deal more pleasant to the infant. The kid can maneuver freely, and dressing them will only take a couple of minutes. As well, the parents won’t need to ponder about what to put the newborn in and how to coordinate everything together for the ideal look.

That often takes all the strain and hard work out of clothing the newborn. They may still sport snazzy choices, as there are oodles wonderful baby threads on offer. Big operations such as Gerber offer plenty of newborn baby boy clothes for those parents who prefer their children to be snug and yet appearing snazzy. One won’t automatically have to be lost to obtain the other, but never forget that it is most important that the infant be comfortable and happy than fashionable.

Most parents are beginning to understand this, because they try daily to keep their kids in style. And yet that newborn’s coziness is a great deal more fundamental than their viability for taking Instagram-worthy photos. Parents are beginning to take a step back at times from their blogging, image publishing and dressing up to understand that their baby is more crucial than all that, and it can be simple to forget that once they are caught up with the social networks aspect of style.